JUNO Walnut/Pistachio with Pistachio shade

JUNO glass table lamp in Walnut/Pistachio

JUNO, a fine example of modern glassware handmade by traditional craftsmanship. The thick glass has an elegant swirl cut in to the surface which unites the two elements of coloured glass. Shown here with Pistachio Indian Douppion silk Retro drum lampshade with contrast Bronze Satin interior lining.

JUNO Walnut/Pistachio with Pistachio douppion silk shade 


SHADE :16" Retro Drum Pistachio/Bronze Satin interior


Juno lamp base : Height to top of glass base 33cm. Diameter of lamp 22cm.

Total height of lamp and base : 59cm.

Retro Drum 16" lampshade : width at base 401m, width at top 31cm, 27cm slope.

Twisted silver silk flex

This is a hand-made product, colour variances and bubbles may appearwhich cannot be regarded as defects. .


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